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kn4cdz.jpg (54629 bytes)I was first licensed in February 1955 as KN4CDZ in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, as a sophomore in high school. I remember being disappointed at the "K" call, having just missed getting a "W" by a couple of months. At that time a "K" call really made you stand out as a newcomer to the hobby. The K4CDZ General license came one year (and two tries) later.

Nearly everyone in amateur radio has their "Elmer," that individual who provides the encouragement and support to get you over the first hump. Mine was George "Gid" Woodard, then WN4YQZ (now NY4R). He pushed and prodded until I finally made it.

First Novice LicenseBuilding the ARRL Handbook 6AG7-6L6 rig was my ticket to getting on the air with my first real shortwave communications receiver, a Hallicrafters S-38D. It was as broad as a barn and had a BFO which sometimes allowed you to actually hear a CW note. I had learned CW as an SWL with an old Silvertone table model AM-SW radio with coverage from 6.0-18.0 Mc/s and no BFO. You listened to a "hiss" from W1AW and other stations or by hoping you could beat one signal against another to produce a tone of some sort.

My early construction techniques left quite a bit to be desired and the rig, while working, put out all manner of signals including my best DX at the time, a card from the FCC monitoring station in Twin Falls, Idaho that told me I was doubling and instead of 40M I was on 20, and outside the high end of the band at that. Reality check number one.

Like many other amateurs, I enjoy chasing DX. I'm not a "big gun" my any stretch, but I enjoy the contacts, enjoy the cards, and I have finally gotten enough cards qualified for 5BDXCC.  The next goal is the DXCC Challenge Award...more of a challenge at this part of the sunspot cycle.

W4HG was obtained in 1976 when "incentive licensing" was the big thing.

The present rig is a Ten Tec Orion II with Ten Tec Titan III amp and a Kenwood TL-922 backup, a 3 element SteppIR Yagi at 15 metres and a G5RV at 20 metres.  The Orion replaced a Kenwood TS-430S.

For QRP an Elecraft K2 has augmented the Ten Tec Argonaut 509.  It must be endemic, but the shack never seems arranged the way I want it. Moving things around continues to be a popular endeavour.


A QSO  in 1994 with Bob Dilworth, W4LQE, in Knoxville, Tennessee, provided the information on the first (and only other) holder of the call, W4HG.  It was issued in 1948 to T. D. Phillips, formerly W4KIY (1947), in Knoxville.  Bob knew him quite well and shared an original W4HG QSL with me.

07.Jul.2006W4HG 02-May-06After operating for several years as a poor but poverty-stricken teenager without being able to afford a modulator, I found that I really enjoyed CW.  That love has remained and I still operate almost exclusively CW unless the DX is on phone, or occasionally chatting with friends on one band or another.  Just recently I have also ventured into PSK31, so you could also find me there.

After 57 years I still enjoy getting and exchanging QSL cards.  I'm do not do eQSLs, but I still believe in the old maxim, "The final courtesy of a QSO is a QSL."  No SASE is required for a return card.  I do upload logs regularly to LoTW.  Some of my cards are displayed below.

The W4HG QSL Collection

DXCC Prefixes 1-9 DXCC Prefixes L-S K4CDZ/W4HG Cards
DXCC Prefixes A-E DXCC Prefixes T-V "HG" Suffix Cards
DXCC Prefixes F-H DXCC Prefixes W-Z Winston-Salem NC QSLs
DXCC Prefixes I-K Deleted DXCC Countries Salisbury NC QSLs
  IOTA Cards  

DXCC #10741 (Honor Roll) 5BDXCC #6219 WAZ #4094 WAS #6414 USA-CA #197
QCWA #33242 QRPARCI #12293 10X #9242 SKCC #5192 Triple Play #308
  A1-OP   CW ops #494  

Email:  w4hg@arrl.net

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